Raw JuiceBenefits LatestPress FeaturedRaw Juice Whereto Buy Testimonials Your Go-To Drink! Press On Juice is your go-to drink for any and every kind of day! Each bottle is made with at least two pounds of fresh, raw fruits and veggies, which contain lots of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and living enzymes. These little guys replenish and restore balance to your body, getting rid of toxins and impurities. We deliver juice right to your doorstep or office, and offer subscriptions and juice cleanses for your lifestyle.

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Featured Raw Juice

Bunny Brew

Carrot, Orange, Pineapple

Read MoreBursting with the light, sweet flavors of carrot, orange and pineapple, Bunny Brew is chock full of Vitamin C, and great for your immune system!


I like to call Press On Juice "Liquid Gold"! This juice is amazing (all flavors)! My husband and I have been home juicers for about a year, but I LOVE the fact that I can grab a Press On Juice while I am out. Press On Juice is EXACTLY what this town needed to move toward a healthier lifestyle and make it more convenient!

- Shawn B.

Love the Bunny Brew!

- Tom D.

Best tasting juice in town!!!!!!

- Marylee F.

Essential nutrients at your fingertips!

- Jenny R.

I was in Traverse City recently and discovered Press On Juice! What a treat to get fresh, great tasting juice in so many wonderful flavors!

- Paul H.

Just had the opportunity to try a variety of flavors after a yoga class today. They are all fantastic!! It's like bottling everything you love about fruits and vegetables!

- Anne D.

Press On Juice creates so many wonderful flavors, my family and I love them all. And the new Lil' Helper is fantastic! Press On Juice makes it easier than ever to choose fresh over processed. Thank you, thank you, Kris Rockwood and the crew at Press On Juice for making the best tasting, healthy drinks in TC and beyond.

- Lynn R.

Just had the Press On Juice 2 day cleanse. It is so amazing how refreshed I feel.

- Ed T.

We will be coming back! Nothing like the real thing. Great tasting.

- Joanne M.
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Raw Juice Benefits

Why Press On Juice?

Press On fruits and veggies are pulverized, which has been proven to be the most effective way to liberate nutritional enzymes. There is absolutely no high pressure or heat pasteurization involved in the process, ensuring that these enzymes stay alive and ready to repair, rejuvenate, and nourish your body. And guess what? Press On juices taste delicious too!

Press On fruits and veggies are pulverized, which has been proven to be the most effective way to liberate nutritional enzymes.

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Press On Juice, 1125 East 8th Street, Traverse City, MI 49686

(231) 409-9325 or email: info@pressonjuice.com
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