Life is a roller coaster!

Some days are great, and other days... not so much.  Everyday life can be hectic, and when we go through stressful times we tend to neglect and not take the best care of our bodies, making matters worse. 


Let’s start with the basics.  

How many raw fruits and vegetables do you eat in a day?  How many do you think you COULD you eat?  When you drink Press On Juice, you receive the full nutritional value of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables – more than the average person can typically fit into their diet!  Juicing makes getting six to eight servings of fruits and vegetables a day very, very easy.  

Why Drink Raw Juice?

When you drink raw juice, your body absorbs the nutrients better.  Why? Because there’s no plant fiber to get in the way… pretty much only liquid vitamins at this point.  Our juicing process begins with pulverizing the fruits and veggies, which has been proven to be the most effective way to liberate nutritional enzymes (set those enzymes free!!).  We use no high pressure or heat pasteurization, which ensures that these enzymes stay alive and ready to repair, rejuvenate, and nourish your body.

Juicing breaks down the fruits and vegetables, making it easier for our body to digest them.  When we eat raw fruits and vegetables, especially ones that are fibrous, our bodies cannot fully break them down, so we miss out on a lot of nutrition.  Also, cooked vegetables lose nutrition - raw juices pack a powerful nutritional punch.

Out with the boring, in with the yum! 

When you cook on a regular basis with vegetables or a salad, it's easy to use the same ones every time and fall into a repetitive diet. Shake things up a bit with Press On Juice!  Each juice is filled with multiple fruits and vegetables, and you can mix and match flavors. Choices are endless when it comes to flavor and nutrient combinations. Rather than taking the time and energy to create multiple salads and veggie dishes every day, drink a bottle of Press On Juice and get an entire day's worth of fruits and veggies in a single bottle. Best of all, Press On Juices taste wonderful, so you can reward yourself and feel good about your health too!

Just what you need to feel great, face your day, and press on!