~~Adrienne M. — 5 star! Wonderful! Made my first purchase today after a yummy taste test - my 10 month-old baby LOVED the Harvest! thank you!


~~Kathy B-Parker love that juice


~~Sue K,  It is addictive, didn't have any today and feel sluggish.~~


I've been diagnosed with an inflammation/autoimmune disease. At the lowest point with my illness I saw Kristin on the morning news talking about her pressed juices, and how they had helped her heal from Rheumatoid Arthritis. I knew how healthy these drinks could be, but there was no way I had the energy or physical ability to make my own. So when I went to the Press On Juice website and saw they even delivered, I was very excited to try them. The juices arrived quickly, and I began having one each day. Even with my delicate digestive system and lack of appetite, I found I liked every one of them, and they went down easily. Because of this, I increased to two a day in order to get as many nutrients in as I could. In the last few weeks I've added many things to my daily regimen, including supplements and physical therapy, and stopped taking some of the prescribed medications, so I can't say for sure what has improved my health, but I'm pretty sure the juice has been a part of it. I was barely eating anything before I began the juice, and certainly not anything that required much energy to purchase and cook. Three weeks ago when Kristin first delivered the juice I was gray and in a lot of pain. This week Kristin noticed that my face had color, and I looked "totally different." I'm certainly not 100% well yet, but feel I'm on my way back to good health. Along with the juice, Kristin always delivers encouraging words and a wealth of knowledge about autoimmune diseases.

Karen C