How should I Prepare for my juice cleanse?

Start slow.  If you are new to juicing, do not jump into juicing with a cleanse. Drink one juice a day for a week and get used to the juice.  Don't push yourself too hard - you will feel better and have more succees in reaching your goal.   

Then, do a one-day cleanse and see how you feel. Don't binge the night before - this will only make the cleanse harder.  Stay away from fatty foods, refined sugar, and processed foods.  

Choosing a healthy lifestyle isn't easy; there are so many foods that tempt our taste buds that are simply not worth the calories. Once you are on a cleanse, you will realize that you feel better, and you'll stop feeling the need to eat food that isn't good for you.  This is a time for your body to rest and detox, so strenuous workouts are not suggested during a cleanse, it is better to let your body rest. A cleanse does not need to be only juice, a raw diet and/or vegan can provide similar results.

Why is Raw green juice so good for Me?

Green juice is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  Green juices flood your body with folic acid.  Folic acid is needed in our body to repair our DNA.  If you eat 8 cups of greens a day, you're doing great, but chances are that you are not - we're human, aren't we? Grab a Press On Juice - it will help your body feel great, and it has the nutrients that your body needs to keep functioning smoothly. 

What about the fiber?

Both soluble and insoluble fiber are important to our digestive health.  Press On Juice contains lots of soluble fiber, which is the fiber that your body uses to slow digestion. Slowing digestion helps facilitate proper absorption of nutrients and helps you feel full, which can lead to weight loss. This slowing of digestion can also have a beneficial effect on maintaining stable blood sugar levels. Soluble fiber also helps lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol by helping remove it from your body.  

are there any additives to Press On Juice?

Nope. Press On Juice is 100% juice, pressed fresh daily in our kitchen from whole fruits and veggies.  That's it!

Will I lose weight on a cleanse?

This is a crazy topic for me to answer, since I'm not a doctor. But I can share with you my personal experiences and the results experienced by my customers, who have participated in juice cleanses.

Our answers are the same: yes, you will lose weight when you are on a cleanse. 

Press On Juice is food, the right food - it's unprocessed and packed full of nutrients. When you drink a variety of produce, you can live on juices, because it gives your body what it needs and wants.  I am not suggesting that everyone live on cold-pressed juice, but simply confirming that juicing (and a juice cleanse) is one way to accomplish weight loss. 

Most people go 3 to 5 days for a short-term cleanse.  To do deeper cellular cleansing, you will need to do 7 to 15 days.  After completing a juice cleanse, your body will start healing, and you will begin to lose weight.  The juice cleanse allows your body to adapt to needing less calories to survive.  You will also have more energy, because you aren't getting bogged down by unnecessary calories from foods that are difficult to digest.  Everything your body needs is in fruit and veggies, not in processed and cooked food. 

I would recommend watching the movie "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" to better understand the effects of weight loss and juicing. Joe, the main character, shows that juice fasting is highly effective for vanity weight loss.  The longer you fast with juice, the more weight you'll lose - he made it 90 days, and he lost a lot of weight and turned his health around.  

Anyone who is considering a juice cleanse and has any health risks should consult a doctor before beginning a cleanse.

What if I do not like all the flavors in the juice cleanses?

The main goal (and benefit) of a juice cleanse is to stop bad eating habits, so with that in mind, it doesn't matter what juices you drink, or in what order you drink them. While you're on a cleanse, drink the juices you like, when you like. Drink as much juice as you want and your favorite kind, and you will receive all the vitamins, minerals and nutritional benefits that your body needs and wants. Build the cleanse you want - Press On Juice only makes suggestions.

What causes inflammation?

There are many things that cause inflammatory responses in the body. One of the main causes of inflammation is lifestyle.  Processed food is one of the main causes of long-term inflammation.  Chronic inflammation is essentially the onset of most of our diseases, directly or indirectly.  Briefly, lifestyle, diet, injury and our eating habits are the leading causes of inflammation.  Processed foods (such as white flour and processed grains), all processed sugars, all sodas and carbonated drinks, coffee, alcoholic beverages, cold cuts and all processed meat products are acid-forming foods which can lead to an inflammatory response.  Fresh fruit and vegetable juices directly combat inflammation when they are part of a healthy diet.

Can I drink Alcohol when I do a juice cleanse?

No, you can't cleanse and drink alcohol. 

Can I work out when I do a juice cleanse?

For best results, do lighter than normal exercise while cleansing.  If you want to cleanse deeply, you should rest as much as possible.

How fresh is your juice?

Press On Juice always has the freshest juice.  We remove product from our shelves 2 days earlier than recommended shelf times, to ensure maximum freshness.  Press On Juice produces juice 8 to 16 hours a day, 6 days a week, so when you drink our juice you will feel its living, vital, electrical power.  We sell a high volume of juice in our stores, so our juice is always fresh to keep up with customer demand. The juice from our juicing system is simply a better, more biologically pristine product than what is served from by our competitors.

Do you pasteurize?

Many juice companies have switched to a process called high pressure pasteurization (HPP) to extended the life of juices. The juice has a longer shelf life and their juices are considered "safer" from the risk of harmful pathogens. HPP denatures beneficial enzymes. In multiple European studies, HPP has been proven to harm vitamins. HPP juice sits on shelves of stores for 25 days, more or less. In short, HPP is not good for you like truly RAW juice, yet is deceptively sold as "raw" juice.