3 Day Juice Cleanse

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Are you feeling exhausted, bloated, and just not great about your wellness as of late? Try one of our Cleanse Packages! Benefits of the cleanse include:

  • restored equilibrium to your internal organs
  • a boost in energy, both mental and physical
  • improved sleep cycle
  • a healthy glow
  • rejuvenated hair, nails and skin

**Place order 24 hours before pick up, and pick up after 3:00pm



Each day of the Press On Juice cleanse includes six 17-ounce bottles juice, one each of: 

  • Harvest 
  • Ah-Green-Zing 
  • G-Force 
  • Rejuvenation 
  • Snap To It 
  • Lovin' Spoonful 

If you would like to custom-order a cleanse with other juices we are happy to do that for you. Please send us an email to alert us of your changes to http://info@pressonjuice.com, or give us a call to place your order 231-409-9325.