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  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Carrot
  • Turmeric
  • Lime
  • Salt



Grapefruit packs a punchy flavor, as well as lots of benefits:
• Prevents kidney stones
• Protects against colon cancer
• High in antioxidants
• Limonoids, which inhibit tumor formation
• Lots of Vitamin C, which fights cold symptoms
• Reduces severity of asthma, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis
• Promotes cardiovascular health, reduces risk of death due to heart disease, stroke and cancer
• Lowers cholesterol (through Pectin)
• Repairs damaged DNA through Naringenin


Oranges not only taste amazing, they are a great source of:
• Vitamin C, immune system defender!
• Limonoids, which fight multiple kinds of cancer (mouth, skin, lung, breast, stomach, and colon)
• Fiber - lowers the risk of kidney stones
• Betacryptoxanthin (Carotenoid) reduces the risk of lung cancer, and may lower the risk of rheumatoid arthritis


Carrots have a ton of health benefits, including:
• Dietary carotenoids (organic pigment), which have anticancer effects (antioxidants reduce freeradicals in the body)
• Vitamin A (high in carrots) improves vision, and may help slow the aging process, regulate blood sugar, and improve immune function
• Carrots also help lower the risk of heart disease. The presence of antioxidants protects the cardiovascular system and arteries from potential damage caused by highly oxygenated blood. Check out this great article for more information:


• Flavanoids are organic compounds that have antioxidant/anticancer properties, and antibiotic effects
• Vitamin C
• Limonoids, which are protectors against cancers of the mouth, skin, lung, breast, stomach, and colon


Ginger packs a lot of health benefits! It does the following:
• Reduces inflammation in the colon and prevents colon cancer
• Reduces muscle pain caused by exercise
• Reduces nausea
• Kills ovarian cancer cells/prevents cancer cells from building up resistance to cancer treatment
• Reduces liver damage caused by acetaminophen
• Lowers blood pressure
• Eases period pains


Turmeric, also known as curcuma longa
• Cancer- Prevent prostate cancer, stop the growth of existing prostate cancer and even destroy cancer cells. Multiple researchers have found that the active components in turmeric makes it one of the best protectors against radiation-induced tumors.
• Arthritis Reliever-anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric are great for treating both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, turmeric’s antioxidant property destroys free radicals in the body that damage body cells. It has been found that those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis who consume turmeric on a regular basis experience much relief from the moderate to mild joint pains as well as joint inflammation.
• Alzheimer's Disease Prevention-Supports overall brain health by aiding in the removal of plaque build-up in the brain and improving the flow of oxygen. This can also prevent or slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
• Improves Digestion-turmeric is helpful in treating most forms of inflammatory bowel disease including ulcerative colitis. However it is important to bear in mind that people suffering from any kind of gallbladder disease should not take turmeric as a dietary supplement as it may worsen the condition.
• Maintains Ideal Body Weight-A component present in turmeric helps increase the flow of bile, an important component in the breakdown of dietary fat. Those who wish to lose weight or treat obesity and other associated diseases can benefit from having one teaspoon of turmeric powder with every meal.
• Reduces Cholesterol Level-Acts as a food seasoning can reduce serum cholesterol levels. It is a known fact that high cholesterol can lead to other serious health problems. Maintaining a proper cholesterol level can prevent many cardiovascular diseases.
• Boosts Immune System-Contains a substance known as lipopolysaccharide, which helps stimulate the body’s immune system. Its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agents also help strengthen the immune system. A strong immune system lessens the chance of suffering from colds, flu and coughs.

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